Gum Paste Cake Toppers

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I have started the fun (and sometimes overwhelming) tradition of making my kids’ birthday cakes. A couple years ago, I made this Hello Kitty cake for my daughter and this pirate cake for my son.

Cake collage

My favorite part of the pirate cake was definitely the water. We added little touches of white to the frosting so it would resemble breaking waves. I loved the Hello Kitty cake because it was my first time working with fondant. I had taken a fondant class not long before this party, which gave me the confidence to attempt this cake.

This year, I wanted to make a Frozen themed cake with gum paste figures and all. Unfortunately, our local cake shop wasn’t offering a class when I needed one, but I stumbled upon a life saver. and I can honestly say that I may never take another art class in person again.

Creating gum paste people

Craftsy is a website that has video craft classes on all kinds of different subjects. Cake making, photography, sewing, weaving, paper crafts, knitting, and more. Basically, if you want to learn it, they probably have it.

I’d never taken a craft class online before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am now a Craftsy addict. I loved this experience for so many reasons:

  • I was able to watch the videos at my leisure, pause when the kids were too loud, and rewind if I missed something. These are great features that I can’t get at a live demonstration.
  • There is a question area on the sidebar where the instructor answers questions for students. It’s amazing! It’s truly one of those, “Why didn’t I come up with this idea?” situations because it solves all of the problems I have with live classes (and I can take theses in my pjs without leaving my family.)
  • Live time access! I will always be able to access the classes and videos that I purchase. I love this because mommy brain wreaks havoc on my memory, and I hate having to pay to retake a class.

Craftsy’s Endless Creativity Sale is currently going on so and classes are discounted up to 50% so if there’s a class you’ve been wanting to take or one you think you’ll want to take in the future, I highly recommend signing up now.

For gum paste, I took Anne Heap’s Cake Topper Techniques, and I loved it.

On to my creations. Now, I’d like to preface these by saying that I had no experience with modeling figures or gum paste before this class. I had no idea I’d be sculpting little bodies below the clothing or all of the supports that would be necessary, but it was a lot of fun. For those interested, I used this Satin Ice Gum Paste from Amazon.

My daughter wanted this scene on her cake so I had a lot of molding to do. As Anne talks about in the class, I had to create the bodies beneath the clothing so the clothing could fall on the pieces as it would in real life. I started with the legs, large snowball base, and the torso and knees because those three pieces would act as the foundation for the rest of the design.

Creating Gum Paste People

I let those pieces dry for a week and went back to add the heads, limbs, and clothing. As you can see, this involves a lot of dowel rods and toothpicks.

Creating Gum Paste People

Gum Paste Frozen Figures

Gum Paste Frozen Figures

You may be wondering why Elsa doesn’t have arms. Well, I ran out of time, and perfectionism and procrastination got the best of me. I really struggled to create the large Disney eyes (why are they so huge?!), and with time running out I just decided to scrap this and focus on all the other party details (food, games, decor, etc) since none of them were done yet either.

For my next cake, I’m going to start a little earlier so the supports have more time to dry, and I have more time to work on the details. Next time I’ll also use the question feature on the Craftsy website. I saw Anne respond to question after question with helpful tips, tricks, and advice for creating various figures so I’m sure she’d be able to help.

This is birthday season in our house with 4 birthdays in 3 weeks so I’ll probably have another cake post coming soon.

I’d love to know, have you ever worked with gum paste? What’s your favorite thing you’ve made?

Gum paste cake toppers

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  1. says

    I love working with gum paste. It’s so easy to work with. I have a little cupcake business outside of my full time job. Happy Friday!,

    • Emily says

      How neat! A cupcake business would be a lot of fun to have. I just signed up for a few more cake classes on Craftsy, and I debated signing up for the one that talks about how to start a cake business. At this point, I think I’d scare my husband, but maybe one day! :)

    • Emily says

      Thanks, you’re sweet. When I asked my daughter how she liked them she said, “They look a little weird, but I like them.” haha Gotta love her honesty. :)


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