Easter Egg Countdown & Free Printables

What’s there not to love about Easter? Coloring eggs, eating candy, and spring (especially after this winter)… I’m in!

We celebrate Easter every year, but lately I’ve been afraid that we’ve been missing the point of celebrating holidays. My kids are enamored with the idea of receiving gifts and candy but don’t seem to think much beyond that. Given that they’re kids, this is understandable, but it’s my job to teach them that Easter, Christmas, and other holidays are about more than just acquiring more stuff. (My “less is more” mission is also motivating me to declutter, which you can read about here, here, and here.)

Easter Egg Countdown & Free Printables

This year, I was inspired by this post I found on Pinterest to try something new.

We’re counting down to Easter by opening one plastic egg every day, and praying as a family for the person written on the slip inside. When my husband and I were first married, we prayed with our son almost every night. As more kids entered the mix, this nightly tradition slipped away from us so this egg countdown and family prayer time is our 2014 family Lenten resolution.

The night before Lent began, we sat down as a family, and I asked everyone who or what they wanted to pray for. My son immediately jumped to hoping an asteroid won’t destroy the Earth (anyone else have a son obsessed with Godzilla, Star Wars, and asteroids?). I gently reworded it to “World Peace and Safety.” It’s a little “Miss America,” but it’ll do.

I was surprised by how quickly we were able to reach 40 people and things to pray for. We included both sets of grandparents, extended family, my son’s teachers, and our soldiers just to name a few.

We’ve only done this a couple of times now (we’ve forgotten a few times since it’s a new habit), but I’m really enjoying sitting down as a family and collectively focusing our energy on wishing others well.

I’ve made two version of the slips, one for prayers and one for family activities, which is similar to our Advent countdown. Of course, a hybrid of the two could also be done so some nights could be family prayers and other nights could be a fun family activity or perhaps both. (I may actually add some family activities to some of our eggs now that I think of it.)

Some fun family activities could include seeing the Easter bunny, playing a game, or a family movie night.

Easter Egg Countdown & Free Printables

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I’d love to know, how does your family celebrate Easter?

Easter Egg Countdown & Free Printables

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    • Emily says

      Thanks, Bre! I’m totally kicking myself for not getting this (and the 40 Bags in 40 Days posts) done earlier so others could do it too. One day I’ll finally get the hang of this blogging thing. I hope it works well for you next year! :)

  1. says

    Very cute idea. Love that you used the holes already in the eggs and I like the idea of putting little slips inside to pray together. Pinned

  2. says

    Hi Emily! I just love this and what a wonderful idea! Visiting from Tatertots & Jello – thanks so much for sharing and pinning! Have a great evening and a wonderful weekend!

    • Emily says

      Thanks, Jelli! We’ve been enjoying it. Now if I could only get the kids to stop fighting over who gets to open the egg…

  3. says

    What an absolutely lovely idea! I can’t think of a better way to spend the Lenten season.

    Thank you so much for sharing this at this week’s Super Saturday Afternoon Tea!!!

  4. says

    Hi Emily!
    I love this idea! My kiddos are going through the same thing. They are constantly asking for more and I’m constantly cleaning things out. This is such a fantastic idea. I can’t wait to do it! Thanks!
    New follower!

  5. says

    This is a great idea; I always have a hard time figuring out a fun way to teach the meaning of holidays and keep my little man intrigued. I agree about the decluttering; we didn’t do many gifts for X-mas or birthdays this past year for that reason, I mean if you have things you like then why move things out to make room for the new? I would rather keep what I like and forego spending more money on things I may not love quite as much.

    • Emily says

      I agree. There really isn’t anything we need so I’m trying to slow (if not stop) extra stuff from coming in. That seems to be the first step in decluttering for me.

  6. says

    I adore this idea, and I love how you made it beautiful as well! Thanks so much for linking it up to my party today, I really want to make one now. Pinning for sure!

  7. says

    I saw this idea featured on the Best of the Weekend and had to come over and read about it. I love, love, LOVE this idea, Emily! I’m pinning it to remember next year. I think I will also look for plastic eggs on end of season clearance this year so I’m ready to go. Thank you for sharing!

    • Emily says

      Thanks, Carrie :) Buying at the end of the season is a great idea. I hope you’ll come back next year and let me know how this works for you.

  8. says

    That wall of eggs…. I’m just completely smitten with it! So colorful and simple at the same time. Thanks for sharing at our Link it or Lump it party!

    • Emily says

      Target, of course 😉 They had lots of different color combos. I also went with an ombre pack, but I thought the mix of colors would be a bit more fun for the kiddos (and myself). I hope that helps, and, better yet, that they’re on sale if you want to grab some!

  9. says

    Love your post. Going to share on all my social media, add to our Organic Easter Treat Section on our webpage: http://www.smarthealthtalk.com/easter-organic-chocolate-gifts.html and also share with this weeks guest on our radio show EcoEggs.com. There are so many great things about their eggs including they are BPA free so can even eat out of them or use in lunch boxes, sturdier so don’t crack and break so less garbage in landfill, can store for next year, have a clicking seal (animals can open regular eggs) so they stay shut and don’t accidentally come open, are bigger than the normal cheap eggs so can put much more in there. Can even use to teach spelling. Woman owned company. Hear our interview with Eco Eggs and Nutiva owner on their great new organic products 4-17-14 here: http://www.smarthealthtalk.com/easter-organic-chocolate-gifts.html

    • Emily says

      Hi Natalie, It’s a freebie that newsletters subscribers can get after they confirm their subscriptions. You’ll get a link, password, and access to all my free printables. If you have any problems, please let me know :)

  10. says

    Your son is hilarious! My daughters are grown-up now but we sure had our share of funny comments from them. My husband asked the oldest daughter “What kinds of birds don’t fly?” She responded “Dead ones.” I wish I could bottle up their adorableness. Anyway, I think this is a perfect family activity. Thank you so much for sharing at the Inspire Me Monday’s Link-Up. Have a great weekend and thank your son for the chuckles!
    Bridget/The Recipe Wench recently posted…Sea Salt Chocolate Chip CookieMy Profile

  11. Tracey F says

    Oh my word this is adorable! I am just finding this now in 2015… I will definitely have to pin for next year! I made my own advent activity calendar this year using this same Silhouette frame. My kids LOVED finding out what we would do every day and begged to have it continue after Christmas. This will be a great addition to our next year’s Lent!

  12. says

    This is a lovely idea, and I would like to make it for my sons and myself. Yes I know, it’s a bit late, but better later than never! But I have a problem: when I click for the printable it shows an error 404: “We can’t find what you’re looking for.” Could you help me with it? Thank you so much.

    • Emily says

      Hi Timi, The printables are available to my newsletter subscribers. After people confirm their subscription they receive an e-mail with the link and password to the printables. If you still have problems finding it, please let me know.

  13. says

    What a wonderful idea and so adorable too!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About link party!
    Have a great day!


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