Easter Bunny Door Decor

Last year, I decided we needed a little more Easter fun around the house so I made this Easter bunny door decoration. It was really easy to make and helped fancy up our garage door a bit.

Easter Bunny Door Decor from My Love for Words

Actually, we liked it so much that we left it up all year long! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, and I promise it will be coming down after Easter this year, but I’m excited to report that after a year of opening and closing that door (with a husband and four kids in tow) it still looks great. Click here for the tutorial.

Okay, now please share… what’s  the longest you’ve ever left up holiday decorations? I highly doubt anyone can beat my 12 month (and counting) record, but seriously I thought this was so cute I couldn’t help myself. :)

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  1. says

    Ha ha. 12 months is a pretty epic record, I have to say. One time we left our Christmas tree up until Valentine’s Day, so I took all the ornaments off and replaced them with paper hearts. It became a Valentine’s Tree! And just yesterday I finally took the snowshoes off the front door and replaced it with a spring wreath. Might not seem odd in most parts of the country, but we live in Florida. No winter here. Lol. Anyway, that bunny is so cute, I would have left him up year-round, too!

    • Emily says

      I love that you made the tree work for Valentine’s Day! That’s such a good idea. Hmm… maybe the bunny won’t come down, and I’ll just dress him up for the various holidays. I wish I’d done that this past year. That would be so cute. As for the 12 months, we toyed with taking it down in the fall, but we were like, “We’re already halfway to Easter.” In other news, I’m lazy. lol

  2. says

    This is adorable! The longest I’ve left up decorations….well, I hung our Christmas cards on ribbons and just took those down a couple of weeks ago, lol!! But thankfully those were the only decorations left from Christmas! :)

  3. says

    What a cute bunny ! One of my Christmas wreath decoration I hang in the guest bathroom and still there until now and not planning to take it down anytime soon :)

    • Emily says

      Awesome! A girl after my own heart. The way I see it, a cute decoration can be enjoyed all year long. 😉


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