DIY American Flag Wreath

I’m new to making wreaths. I made one this past fall, and it hung on our door for months… like way past fall and maybe into just a couple days ago. It wasn’t until I walked a friend to her car that I turned back to our door and thought, “Oh my gosh! That thing’s still up?!”

I have a bad habit of not really getting to things until the last minute (or late) so I’m thrilled that I not only got this done, but it’s done before the 4th of July.

DIY American Flag Wreath

I was inspired to create this wreath after a little pinterest browsing. I found this tutorial, loved the bright colors and texture, and I immediately knew I wanted to create something similar for our home.

This wreath is super easy to make, especially with an eager 5 year old helper folding every piece of felt. I’m definitely not the only crafty diy-lover in this house.

I started with a foam wreath, felt (about six 8 x 11 pieces of each color), and a lot push pins.

DIY American Flag Wreath

I cut the felt into 2 inch squares. I didn’t bother measuring them because they don’t have to be exact. I also used a sharpie to divide the foam wreath into eight sections. I wanted to have guidelines to help me know when to start and end the different colors so the sections were all even. The blue actually takes up two sections. The wreath in the picture below is a little crooked, but you get the idea.

Once my felt was cut and the sections marked, we started folding.

DIY American Flag Wreath

The folding is really easy to do. It’s just two diagonal folds to create a little triangle.

 DIY American Flag Wreath

I then pinned the triangles into the wreath so the folded corners went together and fluffed the unpinned sides to hide the pins and create some texture and movement.

Halfway there!

DIY American Flag Wreath

In the inspiration piece, the designers put starts on wires and have them popping out of the blue area. I thought that was really cute, but I wanted to try something different for my own. To create my stars, I folded the felt like before, and then folded it one extra time to create a smaller piece. I then pinned it into the blue where ever I wanted it, and voila! Stars.

DIY American Flag Wreath

Hanging it was simple too. I just took some twine, made a loop, and pinned the tail to the back of the wreath in three different places. I then hung the little loop on the door knocker, but a pretty ribbon and a 3M hook would look great too.

I really love this new addition to our (desperately needs to be painted so please ignore it) front door, and I’m thrilled that I actually finished it in time to enjoy it for the 4th!

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  1. says

    Hi Emily! This is so cute, and I have one question. Did you pin the felt around the entire wreath, or just the front side so it lays flat? I’m hoping to recreate this project for myself (intrigued by the wire/stars idea, though) and was just curious!


    • Emily says

      Hi Beth! I pinned the felt around everything except the very back. I didn’t want any of the green foam showing through, and I didn’t bother doing the back because I knew no one would see it, and I wanted it to lay flat against the door. I hope you’ll send pics of yours once it’s made. I’d love to see it! Emily

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  3. says

    Very nice! I’m going to be doing a patriotic-themed post probably next week, with a combination of my own projects and links to other ones. I’d love to include your wreath. Let me know if you’d prefer if I didn’t.
    Stephanie Volkert recently posted…DIY Seashell WreathMy Profile


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