Ever paid a late fee for losing a bill, stared at a fridge full of food with no idea what to make for dinner or needed an account number with no idea where to find it?  

I think we've all been there. The paper monster can be relentless and overwhelming if we don't have good systems in place to organize it all. The good news is we don't have to stay disorganized, overwhelmed, or hide under the covers from the paper monster any longer. 

I created my newest printable set, This Organized Life, because I wanted to create printables for how people really live. 

My hope is that these printables will make our lives easier and more peaceful because we'll no longer have to hunt for information, waste money on late fees, or serve ourselves junk food dinners because we didn't have plans in place. 

To get a sneak peek at even more printables, all FIVE cover designs, and how I set up my personal planner, click here.

Getting Organized has never been easier!

165+ Printables to
Organize your Entire Life

This Organized Life Packages

If you're familiar with my blog, you know that I love having a lot of options. I know each person and family has different priorities and needs so I wanted to offer This Organized Life in different sets so you can choose the package that's best for you.

The Complete Kit!

Includes all 165+ printables in the

 This Organized Life printable collection.

This Organized Life:
2017, Meal Planning & Fitness Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies can I print, and where can I print them?

What if I have more questions?

You are welcome to print any page in this planner as many time as you'd like. There's absolutely no limit. I just ask that they not be reproduced or shared. They're just for you, my most favorite customer! :) 

I print my printables here in my home, but you're welcome to take them somewhere to have them printed as well.

This is a completely understandable concern. I will be the first to admit that I went a teeny bit overboard when creating this collection, but that's because I love having (and giving) lots of options.

I would not suggest that you buy the set and just press print. I've provided a lot of options in this set so that you can create your perfect planner, but you won't necessarily want to print every single page at once. Each section has five cover designs so you can mix an match patterns throughout the planner, and a few pages have slightly different duplicates based on need and preference.

The best idea would be to look through the pages and print those that you want and know you'll use. I'll be doing a tour of my binder very soon so you can see how I'm organizing everything (update: click here to take the tour!), but I truly believe that this collection can help you tame the paper monster instead of feeding it more and making things worse.

Will buying so many printables just make my paper clutter even worse?

If you have any other questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to e-mail me at  I'd love to help! :)

Whew, that was a lot of information! To make things a little easier, here's a side by side comparison of the packages.

Each set also includes 5 cover designs for the front of your planner and every section inside!

Want to try before you buy?

I don't blame you. I love freebies too so if you'd like to take a sneak peek
at the color scheme and designs of the printables in This Organized Life, be sure to check out these posts. 

You're welcome to print away to your heart's content.

They're just a small sample of what's in the complete kit, but I hope you love them as much as I do.

About the Author

Hi! I'm Emily. I blog at My Love for Words where where I write about all things creative including: motherhood, crafts, diy projects, homeschooling, recipes, blogging, and offer lots of free printables.
I live with my husband and four children in Ohio. 

Thanks for checking out This Organized Life!