Must try Frozen Desserts

If you have a sweet tooth, look at this now and thank me later! These frozen desserts are definitely going on my must try list.

For better or worse, I've always had a massive sweet tooth, and while I've never met a frozen dessert I didn't like (unfortunately!), ice cream is up there at the top of the list. It's my absolute favorite treat so when I started to see all of these delicious recipes popping up I knew I needed to make a list of things to try. I mean, heaven forbid I forget one, right?! … [Read more...]

How to have peace of mind around water with kids who can’t swim

How to have peace of mind around water with kids who can't swim.

This post brought to you by Stearns Puddle Jumpers®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of My Love for Words. For my family, one of the best parts of summer is relaxing in the pool. When we were house hunting a few years ago, I really wanted to find a home with its own pool. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after we moved into our home that I started to get rather paranoid about having one. … [Read more...]

My biggest decluttering challenges

Decluttering isn't something that comes easily for me at all. These are the biggest challenges that keep me from making the progress I want to.

Well I've been feeling like a bit of a fraud lately. Fraud may be a little too strong, but I've definitely felt like I've let people down. When I started the Declutterathon in January I did so not from a place of authority (obviously!) but out of necessity. My house feels constantly messy and cluttered, and I'm sick of it. After thinking about it carefully I've figured out that these are my biggest decluttering challenges. … [Read more...]