Whole30 Day 6: The Banana30

Eating lots of bananas on the Whole30

Our banana intake has definitely increased since we started the Whole30. My husband is jokingly referring to it as the Banana30 because we are burning through them fast. We've always been banana eaters. They're an easy snack that the kids love, and it's rare that a banana ever goes bad in our house because we all love them at different stages. I love them when they're still somewhat green and kind of chalky, my husband loves the perfectly ripe yellow variety, and my eldest son loves them overly ripe and somewhat bruised. The three littlest eat them no matter what. Our usual banana count is about a bunch a day. A bunch is usually six or so bananas, there are six people in our family, it's really not a lot per person even though it sounds like it. Saturday afternoon we bought our usual 3 bunches to get us through to Wednesday, but they were gone by Sunday evening! We have lots of other fruits available, but bananas go the fastest! What's you easy, go-to snack and how to do … [Read more...]

Whole30 Day 4: Dodging edible land mines

Dodging edible land mines and barely getting out alive. That's right, I'm talking about the grocery store.

I spent a good portion of today dodging edible land mines. This would have been hard enough on its own without four kids trying to push me into the throws of danger at every opportunity. That's right, we went grocery shopping. I realized years ago that kids are really smart, and my stepson had my husband and I totally figured out. He knew that if he wanted to watch tv, dad was the guy to ask. I'm more apt to tell him to read or do chores. I allow electronic time too, but dad's a little easier to sway. However, when it comes to junk food, I'm the target. This finally dawned on me as we walked through the store a few years ago, while he pointed out every sugary cereal, donut, or ice cream he could see, and I enthusiastically said, "Sure, we can get that!" Five or so items later and I realized he was totally playing us! I've gotten a lot better about saying no since then, especially since we went paleo in January, but mid-August through September were bad months for us. We … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Electricity

Simple ways to save money and have lower electric bills.

When we moved into a larger home two and half years ago I we were excited about a lot of things. A new neighborhood, extra space, and more privacy among other things. However, when our first electric bill arrived we were a lot less excited. $600?! Yeah, we needed to make some changes. These are some of the changes we've made to create a smart home and decrease our energy usage and costs. … [Read more...]

One question to decrease stress and gain perspective

Asking this simple question can lead to a big change in attitude and a lot less stress.

If you stopped by over the last few days you may have been greeted by a horrible red screen warning of malware on my site and threatening to infect anything and everything it could. I'm happy to say the malware's gone and most of the resulting issues have now been taken care of (unless my sidebar and social media icons are still messed up. Boo!). Even though the headache isn't quite over, I've already learned a valuable lesson... on top of all the tech stuff. … [Read more...]

Make it all

I just watched this video, and it's too good not to share! I can relate. 1) I'm Pinterest obsessed and 2) I've definitely made things that I end up never using.  Too funny! I think this might be my new favorite song. http://youtu.be/NPG0Ob4dO8E   … [Read more...]

Whole30 in October

Taking the Whole30 challenge to have a healthier, more intentional life!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. Next week I'll be starting my very first Nester challenge, writing on one topic for 31 straight days. It's kind of an intimidating idea, but I'm excited to see what it's like. I'm even more excited to see how the Whole 30 program changes our lives. … [Read more...]