Lovely Ladies Linky #30

DIY Palette Art

It's been a busy week! In the last seven days alone we've had three family birthdays, the beginning of soccer season for two kids, and made huge strides in the dining room. It looks like I'll have an update sooner rather than later (maybe even tomorrow)! Very exciting :) … [Read more...]

Printable Blog Planner

Great Blog Planner from My Love for Words

I can honestly say that when I started blogging I had no idea how much work and time it would require. I kind of had a naive, "If I write it, they will come" attitude and knew nothing about link parties or how to market myself. Needless to say, I've learned a lot over the last year. Unfortunately, balancing my blogging and family time is still a struggle so I created a printable blog planner to help me be more efficient with my time and energy. … [Read more...]

Great Start Smoothie

Great start smoothie from My Love for Words

This morning, I'm sharing my new favorite breakfast smoothie. It's extremely easy to make (only 4 ingredients!), and is helping to turn mornings around for this non-breakfast eater. Stop by Beauty through Imperfection to get the recipe, but be prepared to double it. Those around you will definitely want you to share. … [Read more...]

Declutterathon: 40 Bags in 40 days Update {Master Bath & Office}

Bathroom Drawer Organization

My 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge is going okay. I only have about 10 bags at this point so I'm a little behind where I wanted to be, but progress is being made so I'm choosing to be happy about that. At least I'm ahead of last year's record. I wanted a little more motivation and a more visual representation of my progress so I made a new printable, of course. The ideal way to achieve those results probably would've been to fill up another bag, but I'm a master of procrastination. … [Read more...]